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Interiors: Township Solln

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

Is this home’s interior from the future? It certainly kind of looks like it, doesn’t it? Sleek lines meet a spare amount of furnishings and materials, but what really seems to be an interesting detail and take up a lot more visual space is the lighting that is under, above and surrounding the built-in cabinetry in the living room.

Built in 2010 in Munich, Germany by Boris Koy Design, we like the efforts that it made to be a super simple, super clean-looking space, but we somehow feel like it’s missing out somehow. Like it still feels a bit cold? But it could just be the photography. Whatever the case there are a lot of elements that we like about it, enough to gain a little inspiration from, at least!

What do you think about this space?

Images: Architizer

7 Comments to "Interiors: Township Solln"

  1. I’m not a big fan of the pureness of white especially without much Interior Design contrast. However, I do like the lighting and simplicity of the built-in furnishing and selves. Just a bit too plain for my taste. Doesn’t make it wrong…LOL just choice.

  2. Need a creative mess sometimes for inspiration. It’s so pure that I wouldn’t want to messy it up!

  3. I usually don’t like pure-white, stark spaces like this. But for some reason, this really works for me.

    I think all the built-in storage alleviates my usual stress of “omg where am I going to put my stuff without messing everything up?”

    • I’m sort of the same! I would hate to move into a beautiful minimal home and the clutter it up with my stuff! You make a very good point about the built-in storage, though, for sure. Mental note: if ever moved to live in a super stark white house, make sure there are multiple walls of able-to-be-hidden storage space!

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