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Feilden Fowles sure knows exactly the sort of home aesthetic that sings straight to our soul. The recently completed (finished last month) Queen’s Court, located in West London, is stunning. The color palette is a milky and creamy neutral mix that isn’t too stark but not too “look, it’s bamboo and jute!” It’s really the materials that have us melting, though. Just look at how the aesthetics of the space are a perfect combination of modern and traditional. So much so that it doesn’t seem like a mixture of modern materials + traditional materials, more like a beautiful composition of materials that were painstakingly chosen because they exhibit both sensibilities.

“This West London refurbishment draws from the Palladian symmetry of the original apartment layout, which as been emphasized through a dark walnut-lined central axis. The original structure is pared back to create an open plan bringing natural light and air throughout. In contrast to the heavy walnut, sliding and folding elements create adaptability for different modes, dividing the open plan into more intimate pockets. The material palette is simple yet sumptuous, making reference to the original quality of the 1930’s interiors. The high specification draws from the original status and quality of the mansion block.” More.

Images: Feilden Fowles


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