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You know we can never get enough of looking at pretty, modern interiors. Always fun for finding inspiration for your own home, sometimes even find inspiration for what you don’t want in your home (though you won’t be finding any the last one in this post). “Austin-based interior designer Kelle Contine founded KCID to serve both residential and commercial clientele. KCID provides exceptional service while fully engaging each client as a part of the design process from beginning to end.”

“We create aesthetic interiors that are functional. We encourage creative and collaborative working relationships to translate client goals and establish the most successful design solutions. We believe team collaboration with architects, builders, developers, owners, and industry professionals fosters forward thinking and results in smarter designed and built environments. We organize and clearly communicate ideas and information to the project team to ensure a quality product is delivered on time and within budget. Our collective passion for design paired with our expertise in offering professional guidance allows us to consistently exceed expectations.” More.

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Images: Kelle Contine website
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