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You know, modern often means having to pack a lot of personality into a small space while not using a lot of elements to avoid clutter. We just haven’t seen a better example in awhile like this Gartner Residence in Venice, California by Bruce Bolander Architect. Wow it’s so gorgeous! Using affordable materials they manipulated color and space simply but powerfully. Check out that great kelly green kitchen! Or that dark, charcoal gray that shows up in the bedroom and living space. Tons of inspiration to be found in this home for a color palette.

“Located on a small lot on the canals in Venice, the existing 1100 sf house had a dilapidated charm on the outside but the inside was cramped and unusable. Client desires and the zoning code dictated that the size and location of building envelope near the canal remain unchanged. A large studio space and spa deck were added on the second floor near the rear of the residence.”

“The scope of work involved the removal of both interior partitions and parts of the second floor to create an interior space that connected from the living area near the canal on the first floor through the central stair to the second floor studio at the back of the house. The house’s small footprint is made large by voluminous birch plywood clad open ceilings.”

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