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You know it takes a lot for us to post about a modern office; most of the offices out there are just horrible, even the ones that have fun colors. But the best way to get us posting away about your office: spaceship-themed, of course. Okay, this is stretching the spaceship-theme, but it’s definitely got some serious future-feel. Not the whole office; some of the work spaces (like those conference rooms, what’s up with those?) are definitely leaning towards maximum efficiency and function versus awesome “2o01: A Space Odyssey”-ish.

Lawyers’ offices aren’t supposed to be this cool we don’t think, but the office of Foley & Lardner, LLC in D.C., built in 2010 and designed by Group Goetz Architects, is pretty cool. At least a few parts of it. Mainly the bold colors and strong lines that confuse surfaces and make it unclear where some walls are, flirting with the idea of reinterpreting a floor plan whose designations are pretty rigid. “The primary objective of this undertaking involved the creation of a contemporary work environment that reflects the forward-thinking nature of this organization. The highly efficient design focused on best practices in law firm design creating improved space efficiency including reducing Attorney SF ratio to less than 625 SF/Attorney and Secretary/Attorney ratio of approximately 3:1.”

What do you think? Future cool? Bold and bright? Would you wanna work here?

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