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Simple stencil method to transform textiles!

Categories: DIY + How To

Got some old curtains or a table cloth that just isn’t doing it for you anymore? Want to add a fun pop of pattern or graphic or color to a textile but don’t want to make a mess because you think you won’t be able to freehand a professional-looking job? We’ve stumbled on the easiest -sounding DIY project perfect for transforming blah textiles to bold, modern ones!

Spotted on the awesomely cheerful and full-of-fun-posts HrrrThrrr. Run by Heather, an interior designer and creative genius, HrrrThrrr features a lot of fun DIY projects under her DIY category, but this bag she made really stuck out. She lays out all the materials needed and instructions necessary to create a freezer paper stencil on just about any sturdy-ish fabric (this might not work on fabrics you can’t iron, if you get our drift).

Though she created a bold red heart on a tote bag, wouldn’t this be awesome to add two bold red hearts on the bottom of curtains? Or what about a geometric pattern on a table cloth, tea towel or pillow case? The possibilities are endless and will look a lot better than if you tried to freehand fabric paint something. (well, would for us, anyway, maybe you’re a freehand fabric paint expert.) Get all the deets directly from HrrrThrrr yourself!

What in your home might you use this DIY method on? And what sort of graphic/pattern would you create? Let us know!

Image: by Heather from HrrrThrrr with our own words on there.

One Comment to "Simple stencil method to transform textiles!"

  1. Great way to further personalize a great piece!

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