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No, we did not choose this house because when we first saw the name of the architect we thought it said “Wolverine” rather than the actual word, “Wolveridge.” We chose this house because, well, it’s stunning, for starters. The simple, soft and subtle wood exterior is like a modern log cabin; it both stands in contrast with the nature surrounding it and also works with it. It’s like a good relationship: equal parts serenity and passion. All mixed in to one pretty rockin’ modern composition, inside and out.

What’s even cooler than all that stuff we just said about the contrasts and the exterior cladding? Why, getting to hear the actual concept behind the aesthetics of this home in Australia by Wolveridge Architects, and realizing it came from Turn of the Century barns and farm structures and not just out of function:

“The rectilinear planform of the building is based on agricultural construction and considers the integration of object and landscape. This idea is drawn initially from Victorian-era farm structures of the region where buildings were developed largely on pragmatic terms. The land form undulates at 700m AHD. A ridge line traverses the building site almost diagonally, creating an elevated natural amphitheatre to its north. The requirement to orientate the dwelling north for solar purposes and south for the views also precipitates this idea of the object. The building was located just below the hilltop in a reconfigured contour which provided a nestled siting in an otherwise exposed environment.” (from Archdaily).

What do you think of this house…serene or passionate?

Images: Courtesy of Wolveridge Architects via Archdaily
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  1. Steve

    Jun 13, 2014 at 1:47 am

    this is where Wolverine lives. Nice place he’s got!

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