Got somethin’ good to swap? You might leave with some Blu Dot.

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Have we mentioned lately how much we love one of our brands we offer, Blu Dot? They are seriously so awesome, and not just because they design some of the most clever, gorgeous modern affordable furniture on the market today. It’s because they have a killer attitude and the funniest brand personality of just about any company out there. Case in point: their Swap Meet is back. In their own words:

“SWAP MEET RETURNS! STARTS MONDAY, MARCH 5th. Blu Dot wants to trade your talents for our goods. Take it to the streets of the internet. Start plotting and get creative. No cash, no problem.” More info.

OMG. So cool. What would/will you trade? What would you hope to trade for? What’s your favorite Blu Dot piece of all time?

Just a reminder that if you have nothing to trade, you can always buy Blu Dot at 2Modern.

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