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Finally. A glimpse into Philippe Starck’s home

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You’ve loved him and his long design career. You’ve loved the gorgeous and sleek furniture and products he’s made over the years. You love the way he talks about design. You might feel like you know a lot about Philippe Starck, but would you be able to pick out his home in a lineup? We’re gonna be honest, we were both surprised, and not surprised at all, at how Philippe’s house looks! Spotted on Architectural Digest France (by Jonathan Lo of Happy Mundane) click through to this link to see all the photos, and tell us your favorite one!

Image: via The Selby via Architectural Digest France via Jonathan Lo of Happy Mundane

4 Comments to "Finally. A glimpse into Philippe Starck’s home"

  1. Love seeing this! Dead on with being surprised and not surprised.

    • Right?! I think I was expecting it to look more like Karim Rashid’s place would look…like his furniture. So I was surprised at first. But then I realized it was a perfect mix of his quirky personality and felt like it fit his design style even better!

  2. I’ve NEVER liked most of his designs, and after seeing his home, I feel totally validated.

    It takes a special kind of asshole to have a stuffed polar bear.

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