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Has anyone else ever struggled with wanting to fit in? Or seem “cool”? If you have, you might find a little bit of a connection with artist Sarah Doyle’s mixed media series: “Nicknames – Celebrated Sobriquets aka Always Known As.” Playing off the idea of social media and the kinds of nicknames and personas young people are always trying to effect these days, Sarah used found clothing, toy stuffing and thread to create these 3D nicknames that make you at once feel embarrassed but also kind of that you want to be young again. From her website:

“Sarah Doyle’s work explores the construction of identity through visual culture. She has recently been using the nicknames and alter egos teenagers give themselves in her work. You will most likely have seen examples of such nicknames written on walls around most areas and as alias names on community sites such as Myspace. Part of the show includes a Myspace portal created by Sarah Doyle were teenagers blurb from Myspace is regurgitated by young Victorian girls and showgirls. The work looks at playing at being adult, pretending, mimicking and making believe that you are someone else. The fear of growing old and the desperation of trying to fit in.” More.

Images: From her website
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