Featured Artist: Matthew Korbel-Bowers

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Yeyeah. Enjoying all these great art prints from artist Matthew Korbel-Bowers. Really flat and 2D, the bold bright colors are so invigorating and energizing. Utilizing geometric shapes in their most simple form, he combines them for a really extraordinary effect. The designs on these art prints really seem to jump off the page, and we imagine they’d really do that when displayed crisply in a modern home.

We even love his bio on his website, perhaps one of the simplest bios ever written: “North Coast. Creative.” That really ties into his modern, clean art well in that you can tell he understands that it’s all about coming to artistic perfection when you can no longer take anything away from a composition. Spotted first on Forge. See more here.

What do you think about these colorful art prints? Of Matthew’s work?

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