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Collage is really hot right now. So is digital manipulation of images. You can imagine that the marriage of those two, seen here in this post by artist KARBORN, works pretty well. We think these images in this post are proof KARBORN knows a thing or two about futuristic art. We say futuristic art because that is how he describes it himself, in his about section:

“A prototype young artist of the future-technoid, paradisiacal, neuromantic –- an integration of intelligence and an instinctive engagement with visual arts, music, film and machines –- informed by his vision of the clarity, beauty and geometry of the real world.” Whoa, right? There’s just really something great going on in these, where you spot hints of familiar landscapes and faces, melded with otherworldly colors and organics shapes, all coming together to almost give a glimpse of the future. See more of this artist’s work on his online portfolio.

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