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Immensely enjoying the nature-inspired paper cut-out art of UK-based Claire Brewster. As seen on the website for the gallery My Life in Art. Taking a knife and a skilled hand to old maps and atlases, she creates intricately detailed paper cuts that, when set in small shadow boxes, take on the life of 3D art, creating an interesting dichotomy for one’s eyes to view.

We like how she sets up her work in very modern, simple, fresh compositions, and we like the pieces that have just one or a couple of elements to them, rather than the larger flocks (though those are nice, too). Though she doesn’t just stick to birds, we do feel the airiness and loveliness of combining this art technique with that subject matter. From the website:

“Claire Brewster grew up in Lincolnshire and has been living and working in London for over 20 years. Her work is held in public and private collections all over the world. The artist – as an outsider – is ideally placed for picking up that which has been chucked away. Claire Brewster’s practice is about retrieving the discarded, celebrating the unwanted and giving new life to the obsolete. Old maps and atlases are painstakingly manipulated with a scalpel to create intricate and delicate cut-outs. Placed in box frames, the striking shadows lend a 3-D quality and create an illusion of movement.” More.

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