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What an enigma this Axel Brechensbauer artist is! From what we can gather they like to create shapes. Sculptural, 3D, kind of quirky shapes. They seem to be based in Barcelona. We’re not sure if Axel is a girl or boy, though. We’re not really sure what materials they use to create these funky sculptural shapes. We know we like the color palette. We’re not sure if these are commissions of done for galleries. Here’s what we’re certain of, what Axel has to say:

“Before nature was scary, then romantic. But now we feel sorry for it. But does it matter? It create shapes and we create shapes or are we it? Surely, we don´t want to. I create shapes and so should you.” Doesn’t really clear things up for us, Axel, but we like what you do. More.

What do you think about Axel’s shapes?

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