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The lowdown:
Francesco Binfaré is an internationally famous designer whose work melts the hearts of design lovers everywhere. What makes him so special? His ability to simultaneously and modernly reinvent a type of furniture piece — like a sofa or rug — yet make it seem so familiar it almost feels traditional.

He was the director of the Cassina Research Centre from 1969 to 1976, a heady time for the classics. He founded his own Design and Communication Centre for research and the promotion of projects in 1980. Beauties to come out of that time and place were Wink by Toshiyuki Kita (1980) and Feltri (1987) by Gaetano Pesce for Cassina. He’s also really well known for designing furniture pieces for the great furniture company Edra.

He supports and loves experimentation; he wants the ideas of furniture design to be pushed forward and often promotes other designers’ efforts. He loves interactive media, architecture and we bet color and shape and materials. Someone somewhere has probably called him “yo, teach!” as he once taught at the Domus Academy in Milan and at the Royal College of Art in London. Still not impressed? He’s produced an enviable collection of drawings, paintings, installations and other art.

We’ve got to say it:
Yes you can take some of Francesco Binfaré‘s work home with you! All you’ve got to do is check out the Gandia Blasco collection of rugs on the 2Modern site! You’ll spot some Francesco favorites like his:

Trokk Wool Rug
Tile Wool Rug
Plus 2 Wool Rug
Plus 1 Wool Rug
A 180 Wool Rug

What you really came here for:

Drool indeed. Francesco Binfaré on 2Modern.

Images: Architonic, Dezeen, Stylepark, Designconnected, Bonluxat, Ozarts Etc.Woont, Moss Online
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