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As usual, Curbly knows exactly what our heart is desiring when it comes to DIY, and they’ve come through with a perfect, emotionally and seasonally-timed project: a Spring Planter. And not just ANY spring planter, a super easy-to-make, quick-to-do, totally-customizable-with-any-color-paint-your-heart-desires spring planter. Now that’s our kind of DIY project.

This is certainly for the folks who are quite the newbie when it comes to building things (as someone with a little more experience could probably put a spring planter together asleep with their eye closed) but if you’re like us, you’ll appreciate the break down of the simple instructions and tool list. Remember: they went with a perfectly respectable brown stain…we suggest something wild! Bold! Patterned! Graphic! Just seal it with an outdoor protectant after you finish your perfect finish. More from Curbly!

Find plenty of inspiration for what you might paint on your Spring Planter with our Art board, Punch-in-the-face Pattern board or Modern Color Palette board. (Pinterest, duh).


Rather just buy a spring planter for your heart’s desires and garden needs? Yah 2Modern’s gotcha: 

 Top image: via Curbly
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