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Have you been hearing birds chirping at you from outside your windows? Are they starting to shake off the snow and demand you pay attention to their needs? If you’ve been wanting to incorporate some elements for the feathery friends in your yard but you want to keep your yard modern, we’ve got two projects for you.

Curbly’s got a clever modern bird feeder with sleek lines, minimal elements and the ability to customize to any pop of color that might warm your aviary-loving heart. We were super excited to find a how-to for a modern bird bath, too, as the ones we usually find in stores are either ugly are stupid pricey. This one from The Art of Doing Stuff is also sleek and good-looking enough for any discerning bird.

Are you in to making the birds in your life and yard a little more comfortable? Will you be incorporating bird accessories that are little more modern? Let us know!

Images: Curbly and The Art of Doing Stuff
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