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DIY: Farm Table

Categories: DIY + How To

You know what looks unexpectedly sexy in a modern home? A farmhouse table. It’s one of the easiest ways to infuse a little homespun personality and charm into a cold, sterile modern interior and it even holds its own pretty well when it comes to wear and tear, being perfect for homes with kiddos or pets that enjoy eating at the table.

But what if you haven’t been able to find a farmhouse table that you love, can afford or that fits any odd home dimensions you may have? Why, build your own, of course! Ana White has the plans for you to make a farmhouse table for your home. Be sure to pair it with super colorful or modern chairs to pack a pretty awesome design punch. DIY plans here.

Images: Ana White, Desire to Inspire

2 Comments to "DIY: Farm Table"

  1. Good tip! We have one at our house. We were lucky enough to find it in the classifieds and the previous owner had made it from reclaimed wood. I absolutely love it.

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