DIY: Concrete Fire Column

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Mmm outdoor areas are the best when the weather is nice, right? Enjoying food and fun with friends and family in a little bit of nature that you control and decorate is sometimes the best remedy to a long day or week. Depending on where you live in the world, the weather definitely can decide when and if you enjoy your outdoor area, but if you’ve been dreaming of getting to enjoy yours, we have just the DIY project to work on to get yours ready for some fun.

We have to secretly admit that we love when folks figure out how to make items that are sometimes expensive in decor catalogs. Not everything mind you; we don’t advocate people give up buying from home decor stores altogether (obviously) and we certainly don’t enjoy seeing knock-offs of famous designs, but every now and then we like a project we spot, like this DIY version of a Restoration Hardware concrete fire column. We don’t think you’ll necessarily keep your outdoor area or patio warm with these suckers, but you certainly will keep it stylish, and on a budget! More.

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