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Brooks + Scarpa Architects’ warehouse of the future

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

What will warehouses look like in the future? Why should we care? Well, unless you want the entire planet to look like a bad-looking, metal building industrial lot, we think it’s best we consider what these buildings could look like, and California-based firm Brooks + Scarpa Architects has done just that with a structure to be built in Mexico:

“The Mexican government recently developed a new Research and Technology Innovation Park (Parque de Investigación e Innovación Tecnológica or PIIT) in Monterrey. Metalsa SA, an automotive company that manufactures chassis for heavy trucks and pickups, selected a 100,000 sq. ft. parcel within the research park as the site of its new building – a research lab, office, and industrial testing facility. Brooks + Scarpa Architects, based in Los Angeles, designed the structure.” — from Buildipedia.

Images: Courtesy of Brooks + Scarpa Architects via Buildipedia

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