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Daily Archives: February 8, 2012

Encompassing Aiso – Los Angeles Public Art

Categories: Architecture + Interiors, Art + Graphics
Encompassing Aiso -  Los Angeles Public Art

As the day turns to dusk and then to night the public art project Encompassing Aiso, comes more into view.  Unlike most public art projects which stand above ground, Encompassing Aiso is part of the ground.  The Aiso Plaza layout was designed by architect 0.10 (zero-ten).   Well versed in problem — Continue reading

We Like What They Do: Vervano

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects, Sustainability
We Like What They Do: Vervano

Yay for the combination of eco-friendly practices and furniture! Isn’t that just such a great thing to mix into something that will be going into your home, sharing space with you and your air? We think so (which is why, of course, we have so many eco-practices in the 2Modern — Continue reading

Featured Artist: Oliver Nieder

Categories: Art + Graphics
Featured Artist: Oliver Nieder

No matter how old, overdone or even lame the world of tilt-shift photography becomes in the future, we will always love it. Always, you hear. It’s a kind of magic that though we technically understand how it works, still feel gooey inside when we look at it. Combine that with — Continue reading

New stuff, drool time! LZF, Inhabit and more…

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects, News + Events + Contests
New stuff, drool time! LZF, Inhabit and more...

The purpose of this post is entirely to drool over some of the new stuff at 2Modern. It’s true—we do sell this stuff on the retail website, but we can’t help but love this stuff solely for the look of it! LZF is rocking our faces off with some new — Continue reading

Live Modern: Drew House

Categories: Architecture + Interiors, Sustainability
Live Modern: Drew House

Modern design is…coming up with a design so unique you can be sure no one else in world has it! We’re just loving the crazy-cool look of the Drew House, a home in Brisbane, Australia by Anthill Construction. The most striking feature of the house, of course, is the giant fan-looking — Continue reading