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It’s always been our opinion that one of the greatest shames of the work world is how uncomfortable, harsh and yucky most offices are. Truly dismal places. Forgetting the horrible lighting they usually have, just think about all those hard, cold surfaces. Who would want to spend most of their day in that?! Of course, you can’t go overboard in the opposite direction: Throw in too many comfy chairs or sofas and you’ll have people falling asleep all over the place like narcoleptic gophers. So what’s the solution?

We feel like i29 interior architects have really stumbled on a brilliant solution with their office 04 project. Creamy, cooling, comforting gray in a fuzzy, felt-like material envelops surfaces from pendant lights, to cubicle walls, to some desktops, to some floors, seating and even some walls. Not too thick but with a bit of texture, it’s the perfect balance between feeling surrounded by comfort but not feeling like you might fall asleep on the floor.

And all in the perfect color tone that both harks back to the gray that has melted workers’ eyeballs for generations but also flaunts the fact that it can be reclaimed in a modern way, this office is totally spot on. From the Netherlands, these dudes and dudettes are rocking it. They should probably be allowed to design every office ever. More.

What do you think about this office’s level of comfort? Would you fall asleep immediately or be more efficient than ever?

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