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A new aesthetic trend started growing a couple of years ago…a sort of look that’s one part traditional, one part masculine, one part hunting lodge, one part French country house, one part trip to the desert, one part girly and a bunch of other things. We’re not sure if anyone’s officially named this aesthetic trend yet, but we just found (actually, 2Modern contributor Adam Whatley spotted it) a furniture company that’s perfectly and visually representing this look. BDDW, we like what you’re doing. (This rag tag team of creative folks also seem to have a sense of humor, which is always so important when designing furniture and decor.)

“A small American furniture company dedicated to the creation of well crafted timeless designs. Tyler Hays, a painter and sculptor, is the company founder and head designer. BDDW is known for their heirloom quality solid wood furniture, traditionally joined, in select domestic hardwoods. Their finishes are all hand rubbed with natural oils and lacquers. In beds, tables, seating, lamps and storage, BDDW has created dozens of classics and is constantly producing new and innovative work.” Please sir, I want some more.

What do you think about this furniture? Modern? Traditional? Yucky? Awesome? Let us know.

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  1. chris

    Jan 12, 2012 at 4:10 pm

    I love BDDW’s line! Saw them at a trade show a few years ago and I’ve been cyber stalking their website and loving it all! Has a bit of Roy McMakin flavor.
    I heartily agree, humor is essential to good design!

    • Adrienne Breaux

      Jan 12, 2012 at 4:41 pm

      Yes! Love to find another fan. Can’t wait to see what BDDW keeps coming up with!

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