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Martin Goebel just started a furniture production company, Goebel & Co. Furniture, in St. Louis, MO after finishing his MFA at RISD.

“Our furniture embodies quality design and construction, but most of all facilitates function. The longevity of our work allows personal significance to grow between our clients and their furniture. The furniture isn’t made to serve our purpose as designers or makers; it’s made to serve the needs of those who use it. It will look good and perform well even as life occurs on, around, and to it. We up-cycle locally harvested timber that comes down as a result of storm damage or construction removal. Much like a chef chooses fresh fish at market, we select only premium timber in log form and facilitate the entire creation process from tree to table.”

“The lack of ornament yields products which facilitate ease of use and highlight the quality of the American Hardwoods. Our end goal is to reduce clutter and simplify life — making utility elegant.”

“We create designs that are simplifications of form and enhancements of function (handles carved into drawer fronts, large flat surfaces, drawers that are large enough to hold a lot, no mechanical drawer runners). We eliminate unnecessary ornamentation (drawer handles, intricate leg turnings, curved drawers, carvings ect). Aesthetic statements are added only where they encourage functional quality. Each design lends itself to a variety of functions so that each piece can be tailored for unique user experience. A dresser can be used as a buffet or entertainment cabinet without it looking repurposed or out of place. Drawers can be purchased separately. Drawer pockets can be further finished to be used as fixed shelves, etc.” More.

Images: Courtesy of Goebel & Co. Furniture
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  1. Juliane

    Jan 3, 2012 at 2:02 pm

    These chairs seem like they would be extremely comfortable even as Goebel emphasizes functionality.

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