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Have you ever stumbled across something pretty cool without even looking for it? Well, in an unassuming town in west Michigan a new type of art is shaking up the way people think of tattoo artists and revolutionizing the fine art community. We are totally intrigued with the work that Chris Halloran, owner of Fatboy’s Gallery of Tattoo Art (an online art gallery based in the city of Muskegon) is doing to change the way that tattoos are being viewed by the masses.

In his gallery Halloran promotes and sells paintings, sculptures, and drawings created by a variety of tattoo artists. Tattoos have long been known for representation on skin, but the art of tattooing has now become a form of fine art outside of the tattoo community. This new niche of art is allowing tattoo artists to share their pieces with the rest of the fine arts community in a new medium. The art has created numerous opportunities for talented artists to express themselves while providing unique, creative, high-quality work. The modern changes to the fine art community are opening the doors of opportunity to the artists by encouraging tattoo art in homes, buildings, and other venues.

As Halloran likes to say,“Tattoo artists have a new perspective that I find very interesting and different from what you see in other forms of art…these highly skilled artists are not generally viewed as artists. This is when I decided a change needed to take place.”

Gypsy Head


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