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Tree portraits by Müge Yilmaz

Categories: Art + Graphics

Trees show up pretty often when it comes to photography and art. It’s no surprise, really, considering what a huge effect they have on the human race and planet earth. But even when they are captured in photography, are we really seeing their soul? The things that make the tree tick? Are we really understanding its personality? Artist Müge Yilmaz’s work, to us, seems to capture tree portraits in a way we think is quite modern and lovely.

Spotted on, “But Does it Float?” these photographs depict cut sections of tree trunks displayed against neutral, plain backgrounds. The pieces leave you with a lot of questions. Like when and how did the tree die (get cut down)? What kind of tree is it? Did anyone ever hug its trunk? What kind of things did the tree see over its lifetime? And much like a portrait of a person, you really can’t know any of these answers unless  you track the person/tree down to ask it. More.

What do you think about these tree portraits? What unusual objects or plants would you want a portrait of?

2 Comments to "Tree portraits by Müge Yilmaz"

  1. it’s cool that the trunk was captured in 2D and looks flat. very different viewpoint.

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