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“The Calendar Reinvented” is a giant poster-sized, 21 month wall calendar that uses a brand new date layout. It’s designed to show appointments in a to do list format while allowing more space for writing. You can tell what day of the week a date is by looking at what column a date falls on. Example: April 12th is a Thursday because it falls in the Thursday column.

comparing layouts

The problem with standard block calendars is that you have to fit all of your appointments, reminders, and tasks in blocks, which means fragmenting your sentences. The new layout keeps the standard “7 days horizontally, 4 weeks vertically” layout that everyone is used to but expands it so that each date has it’s own dedicated line. This way you have more room to write, don’t have to fragment sentences, and can see all of your appointments in a chronological to do list order.

Just the calendar layout

Writing down stats each day and adding them up at the end of the month is also easier.

Calendar with Tutorial Guide

Its inventor, Chris Norstrom, is launching this year and is currently taking pre-orders on KickStarter till mid February 2012.

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