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Singing ringing tree by Tonkin Liu

Categories: Architecture + Interiors, Local + Travel

Boy architecture and art can be eerily and hauntingly beautiful sometimes. What a breathtaking way to start the day out…

“A musical sculpture on the top of a hill looking across Burnley, Lancashire. The architectural competition, for “all-seeing” structures on a number of derelict, high-point sites, was organised by Mid-Pennine Arts, for the regeneration of the Lancashire Regional Park. These sites all command outstanding views of the countryside. The brief was for a landmark and a shelter, a place from which the public can enjoy the landscape. The aim is to draw city residents into the beautiful landscape that surrounds them.”

singing ringing tree | tonkin liu from tonkin liu on Vimeo.

“The tree is constructed of stacked pipes of varying lengths. Each layer differs from the next by 15 degrees to respond to the changing wind directions. As the wind passes different length pipes in different layers it will play different chords. Each time you sit under the tree you will hear a different song.”

3 Comments to "Singing ringing tree by Tonkin Liu"

  1. Fantastic! I want one!

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