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This week we feature the picks of Nanette Ferreri. Ferreri studied Industrial Design at the Pratt Institute and has since been working as a designer while also practicing photography. Her photographic works focus primarily on the outdoors and nature, and her great eye for color and composition results in works that are at once classic and inventive.

To see Nanette Ferreri’s collection, visit her portfolio.

Boat and Figures by David Halperin

You can tell he’s got an art/design background. The boat is exquisite in its brilliant color isolation. And the composition is good, too.

Hibiscus #2 by Raymond St. Arnaud

This is very romantic and yesteryear. Even though it’s a close-up view, the longer you look at it, the more you can get lost in its textural landscape.  I’m very attracted to its complexity and color.

Ferry Sunset by Suzanne Scott

I’m always looking for a new way to take a sunset. She nailed this one for me.  There is just no way not to be drawn into this sunset.  Well done.

Empire State by David Halperin

The fanciful confetti-like clouds definitely make this photo of the standard NYC landmark stand out for me.  Also the lighteneed value for the subject matter against the contrasting foreground buildings makes a nice frame. It reminds me of New Years Eve. A very classy shot, indeed.

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