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Modern Etsy: Romi Ceramics

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

A ceramic designer working in her studio in Long Island City, NY, Romi designs and hand-makes all of her pieces using the fabulous and mysterious (to us, anyway) porcelain slip-casting techniques. We’re just loving the shapes of these pieces; super simple but with a little extra oomph for personality. The color palettes are also really soft and modern; basically these would look awesome in your house probably.

So not only are a lot of these really well-priced, she also gives deep discounts: “I’m selling some seconds for 60% off. These Seconds are pieces with a small and usually barely noticeable imperfection (like a bubble or a very very small crack), but are fully usable. I also offer a limited number of Spinners at 50% off. These pieces were a small run that I made with a different glaze inside (matte instead of glossy), and the color strokes on them are more expressive than the ones on the regular pieces.” More.

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