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Macabre & Modern: D.S. Brennan Photography

Categories: Art + Graphics

Those are dead birds. “My Natural History series was inspired by memories of studying Environmental Science. My fellow students and I were led behind the scenes at Natural History museums to study the specimens. Each was a miniature work of art created by nature and the careful taxidermists of the era. We learned about the history of the collections – about amateur collectors in the Victorian era, inspired by Darwin and his contemporaries. We learned of the great value the specimens had to modern researchers. These experiences formed a lasting impression.

Years later, my longing to revisit these treasure troves of science and art developed into a collection of photographs. These pieces capture and preserve the ephemeral, transient beauty of life, much as the specimens themselves are preserved in their museums. The photographs, modern in technique and style, are intrinsically linked to history and ageless nature.” More.

2 Comments to "Macabre & Modern: D.S. Brennan Photography"

  1. Very beautiful photographs. I like the color backgrounds and the lighting.

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