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Anyone else notice a trend of naming homes with just a letter? We’ve had a few in the past, like a Villa G, House R, 4S House, Maison P+C and more. We wonder if they stand for anything interesting? Like the ‘P’ in Villa P, could it be for punctual? Perfunctory? Or perhaps…perfect! That must be it. They named this villa “P” because it’s practically perfect in every way. And with these bright colors we formally announce our countdown to spring. Seriously! We’re tired of the cold and gloom!

“The site – a relatively steep hill – offers a stunning view over Graz. This panorama also provided the main guiding principle for the design. One additional goal was to provide direct access to the garden. Due to the very steep slope, this goal actually worked contrary to the aim of maximizing the panoramic view. The upper level, which is oriented completely towards the fantastic view, contains all of the living space, while the lower level houses the doctor’s office and adjoining rooms.” Located in Graz, Austria and designed by LOVE architecture, Bernhard Schönherr.

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