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Another modern meets old house add-on (you’ll remember we fawned over the glass modern addition in the back of the Albion House earlier this week). Instead of glass, this time it’s wood, and it complements the existing brick facade so surprisingly well. You can see clearly that an addition has been made, but you don’t mind it in the slightest. In fact the newness of what you’re seeing quickens your pulse and you really enjoy how these two differing elements meld to create one architectural structure. Located in Walthamstow, United Kingdom and designed by Neil Dusheiko Architects.

“Extension for a turn of the century family home in Walthamstow. The playful design creates a much needed flexible living space and extra bedroom for the young family. The shape of the extension is designed to track the sun and create a positive space in the garden. The new structure is framed in oak and clad in Siberian Larch. The differentiation of materials allows it to be read as a separate volume rather than mimic the brick character of the existing building.”

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    Mar 24, 2012 at 2:16 am

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