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Live Modern: Shou Sugi Ban

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

What’s up with our obsession with modern additions to more traditional homes lately?! You know sometimes we start looking for something that appeals to us (remember that barn trend we were on for awhile?) and it’s all we can keep on our minds. With so many structures that already exist out there, we suppose we just really enjoy seeing a respect for the past—not just ripping everything down—and then creating design that complements the past. Future + past in one home. That’s cool. This is in Maarn, Netherlands and designed by BYTR Architecten.

“The sculptural form of this extension is a nice contrast with the minimal expression of the 1950’s house. The shape of the extension and the position of it’s windows are carefully related to the interior functions. The skylight in the highest point provides extra daylight to flood the kitchen desk. The stretched window in the back facade provides a panoramic view into the garden.”

Images: Architizer

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