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Live Modern: Schiller residence

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

We didn’t think we’d ever find a home with architectural photography that would rival that of our favorite home we featured of 2011, the House in Cadiz, but the Schiller Residence located in Israel is vying very hard for our affections. We must have a real love of rust-colored red popping in photos, because both homes certainly have those in common.

What else this home, designed by SaaB architects, excels in is the understanding that a home should produce delightful views of not only its surroundings, but itself, too. There are lots of architectural elements that frame your views, others that give you confidence in the structure’s support and still other elements that are just plain gorgeous to look at.

What do you think about this home? Which one do you like better…the house in Cadiz or the Schiller Residence? Let us know!

Images: Architizer

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