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Live Modern: Row House in Goeblange

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

Just enjoying the open, colorful feeling of this home in Luxembourg. It’s a bit big, kind of quite big, actually, but just like how we enjoy and appreciate in modern design, it’s also quite cozy and homey inside. We enjoy those huge wall-to-ceiling windows that overlook beautiful outdoor areas. We mainly love that it’s just not cold or sterile; while there are modern elements, there are also elements that seem fun, enjoyable and comforting.

That gorgeous, bright magenta wall in the kitchen, surrounded by all those white cabinets, is pretty stunning. Those floating stairs are terrifying but equally stunning. Overall this is a sort of collection of parts; each element chosen for a specific, right purpose, all coming together to look beautiful. Created and designed by Metaform atelier d’architecture.

Images: Architizer

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