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With so many modern conveniences that enable us to live in perfectly comfortable houses year round, it’s easy to forget that for a very long time, a comfortable interior existence depending on an architect or builder’s ability to situate a structure just so in a landscape so that sun, shade, wind, breezes and more were maximized and minimized and utilized. Casa Codina by A4estudio in Mendoza, Argentina shows that modern architects haven’t forgotten about the important impact nature (and using nature well) can great impact a home.

And this place is gosh darn gorgeous.

“The house is situated on a flat land of 1,500 square meters in a residential area within the city of Mendoza, Argentina. A typical continental climatic zone, with large weather amplitudes between stations where natural breeze comes mostly from the South. The project is an opportunity to rethink the suburban houses facilities in emerging environments in contemporary Latin American urban spaces. Trying to understand the space as a stimulator, suggesting sensitive geometries that optimize weather conditions and operate from green conscience.”

So would you want to live in this house for 100,000 years straight or forever? Let us know.

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  1. Dave Stukas

    Apr 26, 2013 at 8:22 am

    We have a somewhat similar climate here in Los Angeles, and more and more of the modern homes I see (or sell) are starting to incorporate more energy-saving, eco-friendly ideas, using passive techniques (heat-absorbing floor materials, deep overhangs on west-facing window walls). Newer construction must use energy-efficient windows and doors.

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