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We’re always suckers for a home with “barn” in the title. We think it’s related to our neverending quest for a simpler life; in our minds, “barn” conjures up visions of soft light, calming fields of green and good, sturdy design indoors. It was interesting to read the first few lines of the post for this house in Architizer: “Alchemists live in the Midwest and we love barns. Our clients love barns. Everyone loves barns. Imagine a house that took all the great things about barns and left those other things to the cows?”

Sounds perfect. Even if Alchemy Architects could make real gold out of anything, we’d still pick their ability to turn barn aesthetic into modern home aesthetic as their favorite trick. Of course, it’s not really a trick so much as it is pure, unadulterated talented, but who’s counting? Seriously love this home. “Alchemy designed a house that takes all its clues from the 19th century but updates them for the 21st Century Featuring Barn siding with light filtering through a Few, but large openings, a sleeping loft and bedrooms in the cellar. And, of course, Barn Space an open 2-story room with two volumes inserted within. One in steel, the other in ash strips, they provide under-and over spaces like a hayloft.”

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