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Did you resolve to workout more and become more active in 2012? How are you doing so far? It’s tough, isn’t it? Between work, friends and family it can be hard to focus on exercise, but we found a house that, it seems, would be impossible to not at least get a little bit of a workout in most days. And, as a matter of fact, it looks like it’d be a whole hellvua lotta fun.

Meet the Skate House. Well that’s kind of its informal name. It’s actually called PAS House. And well, it’s not quite a house, yet, but it is a brilliant prototype that is the first of its kind. Even if you’re not into skateboarding, you should be into this home idea. Why? Because it’s the ultimate in modern architecture: completely designing a home perfectly around the inhabitants, and doing it in a way that is unique, fresh and ultimately usable by its owners.

“The PAS House is the project of a private residence, to be built in Malibu, California. In this house you will be able to skateboard any areas and surfaces, Indoor and Outdoor. The client and instigator of the project is Pierre Andre Senizergues (PAS), a former World champion and Pro Skater, Founder and Owner of Sole Technology, a Socal based Skateboard footwear and apparel Company leader in the Action sport industry with brands like Etnies, Emerica, Es and Altamont. The project to be located in a site overlooking the Pacific at the top of Malibu, was developed by the skateboarder and designer Gil Lebon Delapointe and the LA based architect, Francois Perrin.”

“The concept of the house is a ribbon that creates a continuous surface to be skated from the Outside to the Inside. The house is divided into three separate spaces. The first one includes the living room, dining area and kitchen, the second one includes a bedroom and bathroom and the third one a skateboard practice area. Each space is skateable as the ground becomes the wall then the ceiling in a continuous surface forming a tube of a 10ft diameter. The furniture is also skateable, whether it is integrated in the curve like the sitting area, the kitchen or the bathroom or just as standing object like the dining table, the kitchen Island or the bed.” Architizer blog post, architecture website, Vimeo video.

We can’t wait to see this house actually built. What’s your passion in life and how might it be translated into architecture?

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