iPad case love: F³ Folio by F³ Designs

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Who could have predicted that the invention of such extra technical devices like ipads and nooks and the like would have launched such a creative and successful side business of folks designing protection for said devices? The newest (and colorfulist) kid on the block: F³ Folio by F³ Designs.

“F³ Designs™, LLC, located in Denver, Colorado, is happy to announce the launch of a truly innovative iPad case, the F³ Folio™. Somewhat of a cultural phenomenon, the F³ Folio™ has been receiving attention around Denver and is now making an impact across the Web. There is absolutely nothing else like it on the market.

The F³ Folio™ is both functional and stylish. The original design – patent pending – was created by Ray Hill Studios for F³ Designs™, LLC, and provides all three of the necessary functions of a true iPad case; it allows you to protect it, carry it, and use it, all at the same time.” More.

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