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Interiors: The Tenbosch House

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

Oh we just love love love this color palette. It’s the perfect example of the sort of trend we think we’re gonna be seeing a lot of in 2012: a sort of drama-inducing, darkening of interiors that aren’t too dark, but definitely hint at intrigue and suspense. You can see in these photos of the Tenbosch House, a small bed and breakfast in Belgium, that warm, modern colors were chosen that are of a medium hue: not too bright, not too dark, all mixing with Scandinavian details to create this beautiful space. We spotted it on Yatzer:

“Architect Patrice Lémeret and Interior Designers Michel Penneman and Catharina Eklof have successfully joined forces to produce a pride in Belgium’s architectural renovation; the beautiful ‘petit’ bed and breakfast hotel known as the Tenbosch House. A true hospitable house opening its exquisite arched metal and glazed doors into a world of Scandinavian design combined with a contemporary uniqueness and a private personality.”

Images: Serge Anton via Yatzer

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