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If you are looking for ultra-minimalist interiors that are simple but also full of personality, we genuinely have the firm for you. StudioSynapse from Igarashi, Maebashi, Gunma, a female and male partner of designers, is creating stunningly simple spaces that have so much life and character—without all the clutter.

All these photos come from a number of their home projects, and you can see in each one that materials obviously play a huge part in creating a warm space without having to fill it up. In most rooms, golden-hued woods take center stage, while crisp white walls bring such a feeling of freshness and airiness within. Other colors slowly creep in, bringing in boldness but not shocking the senses. Furnishings are kept plain and no frills, and you can really sense that you’d be really peaceful in these interiors. More.

What do you think about these spaces? Are they filled with enough stuff for you? Or do you need a little bit more personality?

Images: StudioSynapse website
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