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What is it that we keep yammering about 2012? As yes, that we feel that dark and dramatic is going to take center stage this year. Previous years have seen lots of white, lots of bright cheery colors, and while we don’t necessarily want to see those go away, the world needs balance. We’ve all got a little bit of the dark side in us and we’re finding a particular connection and lots of inspiration in the interiors of firm Keiji Ashizawa Design.

Specifically this morning we’re peeking through the rooms of their 1001 space, designed in 2011. It’s certainly dark in tone and dramatic in application, but also features light filtering in through windows, pops of color and just a grounded sense of calm and energy. Lots of gunmetal grays, deep navy blues, blacks and more make the space so rich, while fun details (do you see that double-sided desk with the peek-window) don’t let the whole space be too serious. More.

What do you think about this space? Is it too dark for you or just dramatic enough? What does your own space look like? Do you have dark colors and tones or do you err on the side of bright whites and cheery colors? We’d genuinely like to know!

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