How-to: Turn a dumpy table to a bench

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Modern doesn’t always have to mean buying a fancy new piece of furniture (though, if you want to, we have a lot of nice affordable furniture over at 2Modern), it can mean rehabbing something that already exists. Making something that maybe isn’t the most gorgeous thing alive into something that fits your style so nicely it makes you smile every time you see it. Something like this awesome tutorial for turning an old coffee table into a pretty cool Mid-Century Modern bench.

Spotted on Modhomeec, this is such a great example of using what you’ve got, adding a little something extra and ending up with something that can express your personality and add a dash of excitement to your home. And it’s functional, too. Find the easy to do instructions and materials list here. And keep in mind you can totally choose almost any coffee table, not just one that looks like this!

Have you ever turned a piece of furniture from one thing into something else? We’re curious.

Image: Modhomeec
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