How-to: Make Paper Pencils

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“2Modern,” you say, “Why would I have to know–or even want to know–how to make pencils out of paper when there are so many, SO MANY, pencils out there available in the world?” Well, dear viewer, I have a few simple scenarios that might put you in the position to wanna or haveta make paper pencils. One–the apocalypse*. What are you going to use to write with when we’re living in a post-apocalyptic world and all the pencils have been broken, used up or hoarded? Exactly.

Secondly, you might be a craft/graphic design/art/typography/pencil nerd and just want to take your nerdery to another level. Or, what if you just like making cute things that you can control and use? The reasons for wanting to make paper pencils could potentially be endless, and thankfully the website Scissors. Paper. Wok. has provided the world with a reasonable, adorable and everything-able how-to project. More.

Wouldn’t this kind of make an awesome DIY gift for friends who are really into crafts, drawing, accounting or displaying pretty pencils in fun cups on their desk? You tell us. 

*2Modern doesn’t really think this, it’s weakly trying to be funny. Images: Taken right from the site Scissors. Paper. Wok
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