Featured Artist: Sonnenzimmer

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Loving these prints from studio Sonnenzimmer; they are so well done, so good-looking that you don’t even realize sometimes that you’re looking at an album cover, or identity work or something else. They all look like art. Organic shapes mingle with sometimes recognizable graphics, sometimes abstract images. Their color palettes are cheery, modern and lovely.

“Sonnenzimmer is the Chicago-based studio of Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi. Merging backgrounds in typography, printmaking, graphic design and fine art, we create hand-crafted posters, books, and music packaging for a wide array of clients, all printed in-house. We’ve had somewhat of an elastic existence in our 6 year history. Beginning as a shared painting studio, equipped with industrial screen printing equipment, the venture quickly morphed into a design and print studio specializing in hand-crafted prints and design for some of the city’s most recognized cultural institutions.” More. Spotted first at But Does it Float.

Which one looks like your soul the most?

Images: Sonnenzimmer website
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