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Where ever there’s an overlap of science and art, you can bet 2Modern will be there, lapping up the sweet illustrations of physics and space and soaking up colorful hues. Nat Nicklin, you are a science lover and art buff’s dream, all rolled into one. Our particular love affair with you definitely sparked with spotting your illustrations for the magazine “New Scientist” for their Time issue. So stunning. So modern. So thought-provoking.

We like how you combine modern geometric shapes with a sort of collage-feel with a sort of retro “look to the future” style of many Mid-Century Modern magazines. It’s a great concept that lends itself perfectly to your subject matter but most importantly, makes us want to have these on our wall. We suppose we could go for one of your awesome Cir T-Shirts, too. Oh Nat, don’t ever stop making art. Please.

P.S. The coolest, best part? Nat’s totally a girl, Natalie. “Her work resembles a retroactive futurologist excavating the remains of a culture and society that never came to be. She says; “Somewhere there’s a parallel universe made up of all our previously imagined technopias. I’d like to think my work reflects that place.” YES.

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