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We haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Iceland yet (and we mean a big yet there; it’s definitely on the travel spot wish list), but when we do make it to that far-flung cold land, we sure hope we view it through the same magical, mystical, beautiful lens that photographer Jenny Harmsen does. Operating under the code name of Hlaus 0n Flickr, get ready to break your New Year’s resolution of wasting less time on the Internet because you’re gonna spend at least an hour perusing these jaw-dropping photos (though we’d hardly call that a waste of time).

What we like about these photos aren’t just their inherent beauty; we like how Jenny treats the landscape: as if it’s a character or person of its own. The tightly cropped photos somehow take in a lot of the scenery but manage to fill most of the frame with one landscape feature, making it feel almost like a portrait. The lighting is dewy, grayish, moody and affecting, and if you hadn’t been told what you were looking at, you wouldn’t immediately recognize it as landscape photos of Iceland, let alone perhaps even landscape photos at all. You can order prints here, see more of her photos on her Flickr account, and check out where we first discovered these photos on But Does it Float.

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  1. dustinshadoe

    Jan 4, 2012 at 8:31 pm

    Looks amazing there! Great shots

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