Featured Artist: Filippo Minelli

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Milan-based artist Filippo Minelli created a series of landscape photos unlike anything we’ve seen before, and they are hauntingly beautiful and definitely make you wonder if there’s something else out there, something untouchable, that exists alongside us all. Using handheld smoke bombs to release colored smoke and then shooting it as it interacts with the environment, you really get the sense that you are looking at a living creature.

From an interview at Hugo Create: “I was watching some videos of political demonstrations without audio, and my eye was caught by the fact that the most aesthetically relevant thing joining the people and the messages was the movement of smoke in the air. So I decided to experiment with using smoke in plain nature. I wanted to juxtapose the beauty of a medium traditionally devoted to create chaos with the romantic beauty of landscapes. They complete each other in a perfect way confirming that beauty is found in clashing visions.” More.

Images: his website
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