Featured Artist: Brendon Austin

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Whoo boy. Brendon Austin is quickly becoming one of our favorite artists and photographers. You know how much we love a good landscape, well Brendon’s got plenty of beautiful series to choose from. A particularly haunting one is his “Vacuum” series; the colors are beautiful but also sad. The landscape looks like it could be the beginning of the world — or maybe even the end. Wonderfully anonymous, you can’t really decipher where these shots are taken, so the result makes your imagination run wild.

Possibly even cooler is what else we found, his series “Paper Landscapes.” It’s exactly what it sounds like: Brendon takes paper and crinkles and folds and arranges and then photographs until he’s left with something that at quick glance definitely looks like landscapes. Sort of rocky, alien landscapes. You actually can imagine someone or someones crawling around on this alien landscape. We love the juxtaposition of these two types of art. More more more and more here.

Do you like the real landscapes or the paper landscapes more? Tell us the truth.


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